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FastFri Commercial Deep Fryer


The FastFri FF18 is an impressive and economical new 18 litre commercial gas deep fryer.

commercial deep fryer

For a fish and chip outlet, café, or restaurant, a deep fryer can be an essential piece of kitchen equipment.

The FastFri FF18 is an impressive and economical new 18-litre gas fryer. It can be easily incorporated as part of a new kitchen or, thanks to its small footprint 400mm width, can also easily be used to replace an existing fryer. As well as being economically priced, the FastFri FF18 is fuel efficient so it helps business owners reduce their day-to-day operating expenses.

Unlike many competing products, the FastFri FF18 comes with a range of extras - including baskets and lids, and it also has adjustable front feet, for ease of use. For powerful performance, the unit also boasts a 25kW (gross) multi-jet target burner - meaning quick heat recovery.
In terms of size, the unit has an 18-litre oil capacity, which makes it ideal for small to medium sized businesses who don’t want to waste enormous volumes of oil, but who have a relatively high turnover in terms of fried produce.
As is typical for all of Blue Seal’s products, everything about the FastFri FF18 has been designed to deliver ongoing reliability and usability. This includes the unit’s mechanical thermostat, and manual pilot ignition. FastFri is also a durable and sturdy product - which is essential in a fast-paced kitchen environment.